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Baking Courses



Our courses run in either our bakery in Alnwick or Andrew’s small, wood-fired, home bakery in Powburn.

The wood-fired baking course in Powburn is for two delegates by arrangement only, with our bakery in Alnwick hosting up to 8 delegates.

The courses are themed, as outlined below. However, there is a great deal of room for flexibility, and I will be keen to tailor the day’s programme to the specific needs of the course participants.

Examples of our courses include:

Introduction to Bread for the Novice

Participants will make Tinned loaves, Bloomers and Rolls giving a basic insight into all the simplest steps of breadmaking.

Breadmaking for the Improving Baker

Participants will make Focaccia, Chollah and traditionally fermented Cobs.

Italian Baking

Participants will make Ciabatta and flavoured breads such as Pizza/ Focaccia; Pane Siciliano and the Pride of Genzano.

English Traditional Baking

Participants will make breads using local flour from Gilchesters, traditional Spelt flour and use Ale Barm yeast.

Enriched Bread and Viennoiserie

Participants will use laminated yeasted dough to create Croissant, Pain au Chocolat and Pain Amande. You will also make Spicy Buns and Chollah.

North European Sour Doughs

Baking using predominantly Rye flour and the Bread and Roses Rye Sourdough Culture to make traditional loaves from Germany and Russia.

Pain au Levain

Specialist baking using  the Bread and Roses Wheat Levain and a range of traditional flours to create breads which are baked on the sole of the oven.

Dates Currently Available

Watch this space for upcoming courses

Courses are held from 9:30am until 4.00pm for a maximum of eight people. Includes instruction, recipes, ingredients, a free apron and products to take home. A simple lunch, tea and coffee are provided.


To book a course please follow the links above and reserve your place online.