Five Grain Levain

healthy and tasty packed full of seeds and grains
  • Five Grain Levain
  • Five Grain Levain

A healthy and tasty loaf available at 600g weight, usually sold as an oblong loaf with significant grigne from the single slash along the length of the loaf. A mixture of sunflower seeds, golden linseeds, pinhead oatmeal and rye flakes with a little salt, is steeped with boiling water and left to soak overnight before being mixed with all the other dough ingredients. It uses only natural leaven, and is a slightly lighter loaf in texture than the seeded cousin.

Lighter than other seeded loaves and packed full of flavour.

Sits well alongside the Seeded Sourdough. Try with sweet cured meats and a dry white wine, or toasted with paté.

This bread takes its inspiration from renowned United States’ baker Jeffrey Hamelman; a certified master baker and inspiration behind the US emergence as serious challengers in the late 1990s at the Coupe du Monde du Boulangerie in Paris.